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Freedom 2 Retire has some of the best leadership, hard working and the most knowledgeable team in the industry. If you want a company that just doesn’t have the expertise but also has the patience, diversity and skills to see you are maximizing the most with your hard earned dollars, then Freedom 2 Retire is the go to company. Freedom 2 Retire is also a privately held company in California and can do business in all states. Freedom 2 Retire is attracting other professionals in the industry as it approaches its growth to almost 100 financial professionals nationally.

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Jason Lopes

Founder & CEO
Jason has been one of the top performing agents in America from day one. When we say top we mean it; Jason just made the Top 50 agents list in America for one of the largest financial institutions in America. Jason, brings a wealth of knowledge, skill and understanding of how to position his clients to be truly financially fit. Jason has been in the industry over 16 years and Founded Freedom 2 Retire in 2018. Jason is highly educated and brings a new level of expertise and skill to the industry as a whole. Jason is attracting clients from all walks of life and from all over America because has proven that he is a great steward of his clients hard earned dollars.
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Luz Bermudez

Risk Manager
Over 14 years in the industry. Luz is very knowledgeable in the financial services industry and cares very deeply for all of her clients. Luz is bilingual and can help with all your financial services in English and Spanish. Luz is licensed in California, Nevada, Virginia and Colorado
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Brandon Halsey

Head of Orange County Operations
Brandon is professional, knowledgeable in annuities & life insurance and will go the extra mile for his clients. Brandon is the person to contact if you’re in the Los Angeles- Orange County area. Brandon is licensed in California, Colorado, Virginia and Georgia